Justin Winter Tattoos & Designs

The Tattoos Of Justin Winter
Private Studio Tacoma, Wa

Blog and Photos Edited by Mishele DuPree

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Grateful for a beautiful finish to a great day at #americanritualtattoo. We sold some artwork by one of our talented friends Julie luke as well as some cool tattoos.  (at Freighthouse Square (Official))
2nd Session on a mind blowing brain tree piece
Healed up and ready for her second session. #americanritualtattoo #freighthousesquare #sacredgeometry #halftone #brain #bishoprotary #eternalink
Foot and ankle cover up in progress. #americanritualtattoo #freehand  #freighthousesquare #rotaryworks
Quick mandala on @julieluke33
Worlin on the signs..old school style..by hand
1/2 sleeve in 3 sessions for an awesome guy bound for Afghanistan. Good luck buddy.
3rd Session
Plague Dr for the dad part of a couple that easily wins best parents of the decade